Why Aquasheen?

The pool industry is a significant part of the life of AquaSheen owner, Gary. He has spent over 25 years in the business and has learned the ins and outs of pools, paint, and pleasing customers.

With his understanding of the chemical components necessary to create premium quality epoxy paint, Gary identified a gap in the pool industry and set about to fill it. We have a goal to not just provide great quality products, but the support and after sales service for many years to come.

AquaSheen Epoxy Pool Paint is Australia’s most advanced pool coating system. Designed with over 30 years of development and application experience, there is no product to come close to the quality assurance and strength AquaSheen can offer. Our paint is Australian engineered and produced by an industrial coating specialist chemist.

AquaSheen epoxy pool paint is the only solution to totally ensure a non-porous durable coating that would provide decades of enjoyment to any domestic or commercial pool application. Swimming pool renovating has never been this easy, affordable and rewarding.

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  • Save Thousands: You can get excellent results with a durable, decorative epoxy pool paint at much lower cost. Pool renovation is now easier and even touch-up repairs at any stage is achievable and at a fraction of the cost compared to other lining options. Our pool paint solution can save you even more!
  • Proven Results: We believe in our epoxy pool paint! Our products have had extensive UV testing and were designed specifically for the harsh Australian sun.
  • Rain Resistant Within 3 Hours After Application On A 25° Day: With a little bit of research you can save yourselves from a potential disaster, especially during the rainy season.

    Traditional indoor floor epoxy solutions sold as swimming pool paint is just not up to it! Rain will not damage our product after 3 hours of drying resulting in pigment wash or discolouring. Our product was developed for 24/7x365 submerged conditions and quick waterspot resistance.

  • Pool Maintenance Is Now Easier Than Ever: Normal chlorine based swimming pool chemicals, pool acids and recommended products can be added directly into the pool without the fear of staining the epoxy paint layer. See our Pool Care Guide for important water balance requirements that will prolong the life-span of the product.
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  • 100% Resistance Against Algae Stains: Algae won't cling to this smooth non porous pool paint. Algae growth is drastically reduced. The water can be kept clear and blue with less effort.
  • Save 50%-70% On Chemicals: Maintenance is a breeze with an epoxy-coated swimming pool. Many clients have reported a 50% saving on chemicals and pool maintenance costs. Our product can be used in conjunction with salt chlorinators set to the minimum required dosage.
  • A Beautiful Sparkling Pool For Many Fun Filled Summers: The expected lifetime of our pool paint epoxy is 8-10 years under well-maintained water conditions. Touching up is cost-effective; when the paint layer starts to wear thin, re-applying two new top-coat layers is quick and easy.

Please note: Our epoxy pool paint, although glossy and shiny, offers better grip to your skin than fibreglass. The product will be a bit slippery when newly applied due to the gloss finish and care should be exercised when entering the pool. This slippery condition will become better within 6 months to offer a more rubbery grip to wet skin.

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