So, you’ve decided to give your backyard the makeover it needs. It is often a challenging project, but it can be exciting, as well. By renovating, you can add more value to your home. At the same time, you enjoy the benefits almost after the procedure.

Perth has a great climate most of the year. It makes sense that you use your backyard to its full potential by improving several of its aspects. The reality, though, is that backyard renovations are not cheap. That’s why it pays to have a detailed plan that goes beyond what you can afford. This blog post will help you achieve your vision for your backyard without breaking the bank.


How Much Should Your Backyard Renovation Budget Be?

Before you begin, you should first set a budget. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to splurge when renovating your backyard. Sure, it can blow your finances quickly, especially if you’re unprepared. But you can always create a plan that lets you renovate in stages. This way, you can tailor each phase to suit your budget.

Let’s say that you have just installed a new patio during the summer. Later on, you probably want to build a pool next year. If you already have a pool, you can focus on landscaping the area and plan on getting new furniture pieces in the next few months or so. Whatever you intend to achieve, you should always have a clear budget before you start renovating.

As to your budget, it isn’t easy to know for sure. However, you should always be realistic when it comes to how much you can afford. Get quotes from different builders, making certain to be as detailed and specific as possible. Be clear about what should and should not be included in the backyard renovation. You can expect to allocate about half of your budget on the materials and 30 per cent on the builder. The remaining amount will go to taxes, fees, and similar expenses, mainly if you plan to build an extension.

Now that you have your budget in place, you can move on to revamping the look of your backyard.

Here are the top projects you can take on for remodelling your backyard while also increasing your home’s value:


1. Maximise Street Appeal

You probably don’t consider how the whole property looks from the outside, but it matters! When improving street appeal, it doesn’t involve tasks that most homeowners look forward to, unfortunately. However, painting the front door, installing a new fence, and even replacing driveway pavers with exposed aggregate can have profound benefits.

Improving kerb appeal is not a glamorous job, but it pays for itself. Also, your expenses are not too significant compared to other renovation tasks, such as landscaping. To know what may require replacement or improvement, step outside and observe your house. What looks outdated or worn? Even if it is just the garage door, it’s a cost-effective improvement that can boost the value of your property.

Even as simple as giving your front door a new colour will improve its street appeal.


2. Install a Patio

If you do not have a patio, you’re missing out – especially if your goal is to gain from the renovation in the next few years. Australians love to use their outdoor space for gatherings and entertaining guests. It makes sense to make the most out of your backyard. If you’re looking to update or extend your living space, a patio is an excellent option. It’s where you can relax and invite your friends over.

Even better, a patio adds value to your home. How? This article states that a patio allows homeowners to show that they can entertain family and friends outdoors. The alfresco lifestyle has been a great selling point for years and will continue to do so 10 or even 20 years from now.

With more backyard enjoyment, you can get a better value when it is time to sell. It is a win-win situation that you should not miss.


3. Paint Your Pool

So, you have a pool, but it looks like just another pool. It’s time to give the pool a facelift and turn it into a majestic masterpiece. Surprisingly, you don’t have to spend too much to convert a dull swimming area into a genuine entertainment oasis. Some pool renovations, such as resurfacing using plaster and fibreglass lining, may not be a worthy expense for you. However, repainting the pool is undoubtedly a good option, even for those with budget constraints.

Stains and all the imperfections can make your pool seem lifeless. But you can fix these issues with the right pool paint. By repainting your pool, you can have a swimming pool that is shiny, reflective, and good as new. One great thing about painting the pool is that you can do it on your own, especially if you’re trying to save money.

Be sure that there are no serious cracks or chips, though; otherwise, you will need to consult a professional to fix those defects. It’s also necessary to talk to a pool expert to ensure that those flaws do not compromise the integrity of the structure.

Read this blog post if you need some tips in choosing the paint colour.

If your pool is still in good condition, just repaint it to make it look good as new.


4. Landscape the Garden

Gardening, for many people, can be relaxing. Others view it as a part of their exercise routine. Whether you love it or you see it as a chore, gardening can effectively make your home more attractive. If you plan to move and sell your house shortly, you should invest in landscaping the garden. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas that can help:

  • Create zones, such as for the utility area, BBQ/entertainment space, and the like. Have a serene spot for sitting and relaxing, such as near a water fountain. If there’s no fountain, a shaded area under a tree is perfect.
  • Choose the right plants, particularly those that are not demanding. Evergreen shrubs are good choices but include a few trees, as well. Perennials and flowering plants that bloom every year are better than those that require replacements after each season.
  • Still on the subject of plants, avoid “instant gardening.” It is quite tempting to overfill the plant beds with shrubs, grass, and plants too close together to get the most out of the available space. However, it’s not a good idea, especially as plants grow and reach their mature sizes.

Landscaping requires planning, which means you may have to hire a reliable professional, particularly for the design process. As much as possible, opt for a sustainable design, such as going for native plants, choosing trees that improve shade, and installing water capture systems for watering the garden.


5. Replace Old Flooring

Flooring plays an integral part in the look and feel of the outdoor space. There are so many options that you can find these days. They vary in terms of durability, price, and maintenance requirements. Most homeowners have to hire a builder to ensure that the installation of the new flooring is successful. It’s not a task that you want to do on your own unless you are experienced in paving. Nevertheless, some of the most popular choices today are:

  • Concrete flooring for durability and easy maintenance
  • Brick paving for a wide variety of colour and style options
  • Tiles, which can either be ceramic, porcelain, or stone depending on your style preference and budget
  • Decking, which can either be wood or composite

You can visit a flooring showroom so that you can get a good grasp of your available selections.

Wood is a popular choice for decks.

Adding value to your home is achievable with careful planning. The ideas above are not just applicable to those who are thinking about selling their home. They are also helpful for those who simply wish to invest their money in improving the look, lifespan, and functionality of the outdoor area.

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