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Beach Beige

Relax into the calm waters of Paradise Blue, a clear-toned blue colour with a distinctive powdery quality. Turn your pool into a hidden island, escape with this calming colour. The almost grey undertones work well in dark areas, but this light blue is the most peaceful in a well-lit swimming space.

An open blue as brilliant as a clear day with little clouds, the Sky colour is free and fun. Fall into the bliss of this colour every time you swim and enjoy the feeling of serenity. The look of the sky reflecting into the water of a pool resurfaced with this shade is subtly gorgeous.

Imagine this colour as the soft kiss of the Morning Mist rolling in off the sea. A soft, steady tone of blue, this colour will complement other cool colours present in the decor of your outdoor area. This shade is also a very mellow option for a pool surface that fits many different shapes and spaces.

Drawing comparison to the brilliant cerulean sheen of the Indian Ocean, the Indi colour is another cool, calming option to update your pool. Its moderated tone is a crisp, unblemished blue that suits any tropical decor and leafy green plants. Try furniture with flashy red or orange colours to achieve a bold contrast.

Discover the amazing energy of the Mediterranean Sea with this dark, electric shade of blue. With a similar vitality to the building up of a great wave, the Med colour will add depth and movement to your pool. The bold, bright tones of this colour can enliven even old, worn pool surfaces.

You can capture the carefree fun of rolling waves without leaving your backyard.
Strikingly electric, the bold Bondi colour will add an adventurous feel to any pool. This colour brings cool vibes to your outdoor spaces and will make you reminisce about days spent catching waves or relaxing at a beachside cafe.

Deep waters draw you closer into their embrace in this dark, muted blue colour. The Deep Ocean colour gets its inspiration from the look of the ocean just below the surface of the water, in the dark corona of light. Instil the mysteries of the ocean’s hidden depths in your pool with this colour.

With the moon reflecting off its gently waving waters, the sea takes on a melancholy tinge of blue. The Midnight colour draws from that image along with a subtle tinge of green to its dark blue tone. This is a bold shade for a pool that will look cool and classic for years.

Dark and mysterious, the Black colour is an unusual choice for a swimming pool. It features an almost total absence of light similar to the inside of a seaside cave. However, this inky shade will create a bold and fascinating pool space. You might use white-coloured furniture and decor around your pool to contrast the dark of the surface.

Inspired by the fresh blue-green of the waters off of Rottnest Island, the Rotto colour is a deep, clear tone that leans more towards green. You can just imagine the sunlight playing off the soft waves lapping at the shoreline. Create your version of peaceful waters with this shade in your pool.

Light blue-green, like the cool shadows of the ocean in the midday sun, characterizes the Aquamarine colour. This shade is a fresh and light option for new or old pools. Its green elements appeal to bright, open outdoor spaces, especially ones with lots of colourful plants.

Bask in the laziness of a forgotten paradise with the Lagoon colour. It’s an airy, blue-green shade that airs more on the side of blue, but carries murkier tones. It is a great pairing with more intense green colours or to contrast pure blue tones in your furniture or other outdoor decors.

Like its namesake, this shade has a distinctive warmth despite its deep blue-green colour. The Balmy Sea colour is inspired by the look of pleasant, calm waters without the presence of storms or other disturbances. The deep tone implies mystery and might be a welcome pairing to brighter, more intense colours. It is an excellent choice to complement red-toned wood furniture pieces.

The light, soft brown of the Sandy Beach colour would be more of an off-white shade if not for the subtle yellow undertones. Let this colour take you away to a faraway shore where the tides come in slowly. This shade adds a warm, beach-like ambience to any swimming pool.

This light-green colour takes its look from the unusual shade of the water and land by a lake. The Lakeside colour welcomes adventures with its friendly, appealing green and subtle hints of brown. The elements of brown are a more mellow option compared to more intense blues or greens for a pool’s surface.

The lowering sun shines clear across the sand on a lonely beach. Beach Beige is a colour that captures that golden image for others to enjoy. As you swim in your pool, reminisce on the times spent wandering warm stretches of beach in Australia or beyond. The play of clear water over this colour is a stunning look for your outdoor space.

The white caps of waves onto the shore inspired this pure, icy colour. The White colour also complements any of the other colours in this palette. It is a smooth, beautiful look that makes for a stunning look for any pool. In the bright sunlight or the late afternoon, this shade will sparkle.

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