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Choosing the best pool paint for a commercial pool is critical. Due to a higher number of users, a commercial pool has a bigger risk of contamination. Since most commercial pools use heated water, they also have a high tendency to host bacteria, algae, and other contaminants.

Because of the high usage, commercial pools get worn quicker than a residential pool. Repairs and replacements are more frequent. Repaints, if you chose the wrong product and type, can be costly. It can mean shutting down the pool for some time until the whole job is complete.

Commercial pools are demanding, and you cannot afford to keep resurfacing. Pool owners and experts agree: epoxy paints are the optimal choice for swimming pools!

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Most commercial pools have a five-year resurfacing cycle. But if the pool is well-maintained (chemically), it can last longer – provided that a suitable coat is used.

Epoxy paints can add a couple more years, thanks to their durability. They are considered the longest-lasting of all pool paint types.

Commercial pools are required to have the waters tested on a daily basis. The specified water balance parameters, which are at a much higher level than residential pools, should always be met to avoid legal complications. A properly coated surface, therefore, is paramount.

To ensure sanitisation, chlorine levels have to be at higher levels than the average pool. Because of these conditions, commercial pools are under a lot of stress.

It is why epoxy paint is the ultimate pool paint choice for commercial pool resurfacing. There is no other paint type that can provide the same benefits as epoxy:

  • Durability: Can last from five to seven years with proper care
  • Cost-Effective: Longer life, bigger savings
  • Flawless: Goodbye hairline cracks
  • Performance: Meets requirements, even of busy commercial pools
  • Algae-Free: Protects against algae growth and respawning
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Are you resurfacing your commercial pool? No problem! Epoxy paints are incredibly thick. They leave no hints of the old surface once applied and cured. Instead, you will get a smooth and shiny surface that looks brand new!

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Most commercial pools are painted with epoxy because it is the most durable option out there. But don’t just pick any epoxy paint. Choose the one trialled and tested by real experts who understand pools: AquaSheen!

Aquasheen has been working with pools for years. We are serious and dedicated to guarantee the quality, safety, and performance of our products. Our epoxy paint and primer have been used on different commercial and public pools.

Need more reasons to choose Aquasheen? We hear you! Please see the list below:

  • Long-Lasting: Aquasheen is the longest-lasting type of pool paint you can ever find. With minimal maintenance, this epoxy paint can last for at least five years – guaranteed – for public or commercial use pools.
  • Efficient: It adheres well even when used on unfinished pool surfaces. You only need to coat the surface with a primer, and it’s good to go.
  • Beautiful: Aside from durability and long lifespan, Aquasheen is also known for its beauty. You will get a shiny, sparkling pool surface in no time.
  • Versatile: Aquasheen can be used on your commercial pool. But if you also have a pond with fish, you can use the product on it, as well. Our paint is also utilised in other industries, such as mining and industrial sectors for their warehouse, sewage, and storage containers.
  • Expertly-Formulated: Created by industrial experts and manufactured in Australia, Aquasheen easily outshines any other brands out there. All products meet the specifications under ISO 9001 2015. And with ongoing trials and tests, we find ways to evolve with the ever-changing paint technology to further provide satisfying results.
  • Worry-Free: Unlike many products available today, Aquasheen strives to be different by removing your concerns about paint washouts. It’s why we have formulated our products with rain resistance, which is quickly activated within three hours upon application.
  • Easy Maintenance: Did you notice that the paint layer is wearing thin? Don’t panic! Just reapply two new topcoat layers, which is the easiest way to touch up the pool paint. So easy, right?
  • No More Algae Regrowth: With the high chemicals, use, and contaminants in the water, commercial pools are quite attractive to algae. Fight back with Aquasheen epoxy paint, which is non-porous, so algae will have nothing to cling on.
  • Non-Slip Formula: Don’t let the glossiness of the pool surface fool you. Aquasheen offers a rubbery grip, which gets even better with time. Compared to fibreglass, our paint is safer for commercial pools where slips are frequent.

Numerous organisations and commercial pools have already chosen Aquasheen. Our products have been used on council and BHP-owned town pools, as well as pools in schools, retirement homes, and apartment buildings.

Ready to use Aquasheen? Contact us to talk to one of our experienced commercial pool applicators for a quote.

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