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AquaSheen is committed to provide a safe working environment to our employees, contractors and visitors. As we deal with dangerous goods, this is of the utmost importance and therefore a Dangerous Goods Storage Risk Assessment Audit was conducted at our main place of business.

Safety environment

The risk assessment demonstrated that the site storage of the dangerous goods can be operated with minimal risk to people, property and the environment, and therefore comply with the Government Regulations specific to the Western Australian Dangerous Goods legislation:

  • Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004
  • Dangerous Goods Safety (Storage and Handling of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007.



AquaSheen has a wide range of pool paint products and accessories, which are all a part of the company’s goal: to help in creating a sustainable community. They do not just exist to make the pool surrounds more appealing and to make jobs easier.

While their main purpose is to beautify these spaces, they also fulfil their share in building a greener place.

AquaSheen is a brand that focuses on creating a safe working environment for everyone, whether they are employees, contractors, visitors, or customers.

Evironmental sustainability
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Our products are considered “Dangerous Goods,” which is why we take our business operations seriously. Under the Dangerous Goods Safety Act 2004, we have a duty to store, handle, or transport our products with safety measures. These practices should minimise their risk to people, belongings, and the environment.

Part of complying with the rules, we conduct regular Dangerous Goods Storage Risk Assessment on our premises. It enables us to ensure and guarantee our employees’ safety. We also review our risk assessment as required, which is at least every five years or when our site is involved in an incident. Changes in circumstances also warrant a new evaluation.

We aim to identify all potential hazards, along with their possible consequences, should an incident arise. We use the results to create and implement suitable risk control measures.

AquaSheen also satisfactorily follows all imposed protocols under the Dangerous Goods Safety (Storage and Handling of Non-explosives) Regulations 2007.

Safe Work Australia categorises epoxies, sealers, and certain paints hazardous. Naturally, we observe and follow advice from the organisation, as well as other authorities. From the identification of hazards to risk assessments to controlling those risks, AquaSheen is committed to adhering to these recommendations.

Reduce reuse recycle
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AquaSheen understands the importance of sustainability. It is why we design our products and operate our business with the goal of reducing the impact on the environment. We take pride in expressing our support to the environment, its continual improvement, and performance. We also recognise our responsibilities, both locally and countrywide.

As a company, we employ various measures that are aimed towards reducing environmental sustainability impacts. For example, we strive to eliminate the use of hazardous substances, so they are not present in our finished products. This step is crucial, especially since our customers are mostly comprised of homeowners. It helps assure them our products are safe for everyone and the community as a whole.

AquaSheen emphasises on the development and use of low VOC paint products. With more than 25 years in the industry, we have dedicated our lives to research. It is our gateway towards implementing technologies that support our obligation to the environment.

Other practices that we execute in our facilities include:

  • The use of LED lights in our offices and warehouse
  • Recycling of certain items, such as paper and board
  • Utilising natural light in applicable areas

The pool

Our company is one with nature. We are wholly concerned with our products, not just regarding their performance but their safety as well. Therefore, we always choose methods that allow significant waste reduction. With this goal, our operations do not add more unnecessary waste to landfill.

AquaSheen is also working on building plans that are targeted towards the future. We are motivated more than ever to reduce our environmental impacts. By manufacturing, handling, transporting, and storing our products conscientiously, we show our values as a responsible company in Australia.

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