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AquaSheen is the most trusted epoxy pool paint in Sydney. Tested and formulated by industrial chemists, AquaSheen can give your old pool a luxury finish. It’s the perfect solution for concrete, fibreglass, pebblecrete, marblesheen, quartz, new cement rendered pools and ponds.

AquaSheen pool paints provide a hard, smooth, and safe surface that you will find incredibly easy to maintain. The durable finish is proven to last for a long time, with improved resistance against chalking.

Our products are compatible with both saltwater and chlorinated pools. They also help control the growth of algae, which is one less thing to worry about come maintenance time.



When you’re looking for an exceptionally gorgeous and durable finish that lasts for years, don’t settle for less.

Choose only the best. Choose AquaSheen.

What are you looking for?

  • Prep n clean

    AquaSheen Prep ‘n Clean

    AquaSheen Prep 'n Clean is recommended to be used as a descaler/degreaser. It neutralises the acidic substrate after an acid wash. Essential for prepping pools.

  • emerkit grande

    Emerkit – Epoxy Putty

    Emerkit is widely used in the repair of swimming pools as it can be moulded to shape and used to fill cracks

  • Megapoxy

    Megapoxy HT 1 Litre

    Megapoxy HT is a hydrophilic non-sag epoxy ideal for damp surfaces and underwater repairs.

  • megapoxy p1 - 1 litre

    Megapoxy P1 – 1 Litre

    Megapoxy P1 is a two component high strength epoxy based filler. Perfect for those larger structural cracks.

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AquaSheen continues to focus on research and development. With 25+ years of experience in the industry, we’ve been helping pool owners in Sydney, New South Wales, and other parts of Australia get the most out of their pool.

We have worked hard to achieve an excellent reputation amongst our customers, consisting of both homeowners and commercial properties. We take pride in our company and the products we offer, which are certified to ISO 9001:2015.

Aquasheen Sydney


Here are even more reasons why we are confident that AquaSheen products are second to none:

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  • Advanced Technology: We are never satisfied because we keep striving for excellence. As pools and pool needs evolve, so do we. AquaSheen's paint technology has changed over the years to meet the demands and unique requirements of pools in Australia.
  • Reliable Performance: You do not want a pool paint that will let you down. That's why you should go for the best option there is. AquaSheen helps keep your pool sparkling with an anti-algae formula. Rain or shine, the applied coating will cling for years to come.
  • Versatile: AquaSheen is safe, preventing slips. It's best for home and commercial pools where children and the elderly frequent. Our products are also safe for ponds with live fish.
  • Durable: Our formula lasts for several years. You do not have to keep reapplying every summer, which is both exhausting and expensive. Our pool paint has been used in high-demand pools.

Our referrals and repeat customers say it all. AquaSheen delivers stunning results for residential and commercial pools in Sydney.



Here are a few commonly asked questions with regards to our products and application process, which you might find helpful:

Typically any surface in a pool is what we call a sacrificial layer and this layer is meant to protect the structural part of the pool from wearing down. Second function is to add an aesthetic appeal to the way the pool looks. We would say as soon as you are concerned about the structure being exposed it might be too late. Of course if all you want to do is change the colour that should be a good enough reason too.

You can refer to our product calculator here and enter your surface type and pool dimensions to give you the required amount. However, 3.5L kit should do around 30 – 40 m2 of surface area, we recommend at least 2 coats. Coverage depends on the texture of the surface, rougher surfaces will require more coating.

Typically, a 7 x 4 pool would require 5 – 6 kits to do a completed 2 coats. Always be safe and order a bit more if you not sure, then do an extra coat on higher traffic areas for added protection.

AquaSheen epoxy pool coating is designed to provide an easy hard wearing layer on the pool surface. Generally the care for an Epoxy Surface should be no different than most pools with the exception of water balance parameters being different. Refer to our Painted Pool Care Guide for further instructions.

Typical Water balance parameters: TA 160 – 180ppm, CH 280 – 320ppm, Chlorine below 3ppm, pH 7.6 – 7.8. All other levels as per manufacturers specifications.

Chalking is the natural wear pattern for Epoxy Coating Systems alike, this however should never be noticed as the rate of chalking should take many years. If your pool is chalking to a noticeable level you could expect your water balance levels to be out and should be corrected without delay. Correcting the water balance will stop the chalking process. The same would apply to a Quartz finished pool. If the water balance was out the pool surface would either go rough or have scale formation.

We’ve tried a few and recommend the 1st option to be the Oldfields Pro Series Roller Cover or the Bunnings Monarch Razorbacks. A good quality roller cover is essential for ease of painting and to get the best results.

No you can use the same roller throughout, but if they start breaking down then grab a new one. We recommend purchasing 2 roller covers for a standard size pool.



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